OMG Sexy Asian Babe – Fast and Furious Edition

In honor of Fast and Furious “New Model, Original Parts” roaring back into theaters (April 3rd 2009) with all of the original actors and action, we’re going to take a look at the other half of the street-racing phenomenon’s winning formula, the hot chicks!. The Asian babes in particular.

  • Vanessa Viola, the Filipino/Irish/German babe played the uncredited “hot chick” in the original The Fast and the Furious


  • Devon Aoki, the Japanese/German/English babe played Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious.  Born in NY, raised in Cali, her father is a former Olympic wrestler and Benihana Steakhouse magnate “Rocky Aoki” and her mother Pamela Hilburger is a jewelry designer.  She started modeling at the age of 13 when she was introduced to modeling legend Kate Moss, who ended up taking Devon under her wing.  At the time of the shoot, she did not have a driver’s license.  She ended up learning during the filming.



  • Kaila Yu, the Taiwanese beauty played one of the starting line chicks in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.  Kaila is an actress, singer, and was one of the top Asian models during the emergence of the import car movement in America.  She also has many appearances in print, television and the internet.  She is currently an international singer and has her own jewelry line, “hello drama”.



  • Aiko Tanaka, the Japanese babe played the other starting line chick in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.  She started her career in America on SOUL TRAIN, remember the little asian girl dancing and go-go-ing around? yeah that was her.



  • Verena Mei, the Chinese babe played one of the hot chicks in the Nissan Skyline in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.  She is a model, actress, and pro race car driver/drifter.  Pretty badass huh?

sexy-asian-verena-meisexy asian verena mei 2sexy-asian-verena-mei-3

  • Mari Jaramillo, the asian babe played the other hot chick driving the Nissan Skyline in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.


  • Shoko Nakagawa, the Japanese babe played one of the Bo-peep chicks in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.  She is a popular gravure idol, singer, voice actress, and a big cosplay and anime nerd.  Shoko is also a big blogger.  As of February 2008, her blog reached a BILLION hits.  Yeah you heard me, a billion!! maybe we should ask her to send us some traffic lol.



  • Mikiko Yano, the Japanese babe played the other Bo-peep chick in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.  She is an exclusive model of Non-no magazine and does not do anything other than modeling now.



  • Liza Lapira, the Filipino/Spanish/Chinese babe playing Agent Sophie Trinh in the upcoming Fast and Furious.  She is an asian american actress, and has been in a bunch of shows and movies, includingthe movie “21″ where she played Kianna.


whewww….thats it.  Here is the trailer for those that have not seen it yet.  For the others, i dunno….go pull out the sock lol

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