OMG Sexy Asian Babe – Kristin Kreuk

Posted on Friday 15 May 2009

Kristin Laura Kreuk, born December 30, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia is a Canadian Actress.  Daughter of a Dutch father and a Chinese mother.  She was a regular high school student when a casting director for the CBC TV series Edgemont contacted her school, looking for an exotic-looking girl to play the part of a Chinese Canadian, Laurel Yeung on the Vancouver-shot show.  Kreuk’s drama teacher convinced Kreuk, who had no previous acting experience other than in musicals at her high school, to audition for the role.  To her surprise, she won the part.  She is primarily known for her roles on the American television series Smallville in which she stars as Clark Kent’s star-crossed love Lana Lang.  Kristin is also a spokesmodel for Neutrogena.  You can also catch Kristin in her latest movie The Street Fighter, where she played the qipao wearing, ass kicking Chun Li!!

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