OMG Sexy Asian Babe – Nhu Loan

Posted on Friday 11 Sep 2009

Nhu Loan (Loanne Le), born April 20, 1981 is a famous Vietnamese-American singer.  ‘”Nhu Loan”‘ is her stage name which was given to her by her producers.  She was named after a famous Vietnamese actress known for her beauty.  Nhu Loan is currently signed under the music label Thuy Nga; one of the largest overseas Vietnamese music productions that is responsible for Paris By Night, a hit musical variety show.  Every Vietnamese person has or will watch a part of “Paris By Night” in his or her lifetime LOL.  Nhu Loan was introduced to Thuy Nga  – Paris by Night through designer Calvin Hiep, whom she has modeled for in the past.  She started her singing career as a back-up singer in Paris by Night and was later given the opportunity to sing on stage as a professional singer in Paris by Night 62.


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