Chinatown Bus Fight

Posted on Thursday 08 Oct 2009
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Fight breaks out on a San Francisco Muni bus between a Chinese lady and a Black Lady over a seat

TRANSLATION (taken from video description)
Old Man#1(0:01 Beat that bitches ass.
Old Lady#1(0:02): Don’t hit her.
Chinese Lady in the Pink(0:23): Don’t let that bitch bully you.
Chinese Lady: (0:09): This bitch got the nerve to yell at me for me asking her politely if i may sit down. She is hogging the seat and won’t let me sit. (0:48): If that bitch didn’t want to let me sit down don’t mean she got to bitch at me. (0:59): I didn’t yell at you bitch why you going off on me. If I don’t stand up for myself, she won’t get scared. (1:44): Dare to fucking pick on chinese people?
(2:05): This bitch hogging the seat and I asked nicely if I may sit and that bitch kept hogging the seat. She has no heart, always bullying chinese people.
Old Man#2(1:26): Hit that bitch.
Old Man#3(1:33): Beat that bitch ass.
Old Lady#2(1:37): Don’t fight no more.
Old Man#2((1:59): Beat the fuck out of her!

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